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Mandolin Lessons

Rik Roberts offers 1 to 1 tuition in the mandolin at Poynton Music School, in the education block of The Centre in Poynton.

A little more difficult than the ukulele, the mandolin is a rewarding instrument to learn, and you will never be short of offers to play with others in duos, bands or larger groups!

The instrument has the same tuning as the violin, and for that reason it is often played by fiddle players in folk groups.

Whilst we often associate the mandolin with folk music, it has a proud heritage in classical music. Vivaldi wrote a mandolin concerto, and there are various roles for the instrument in operas and other classical pieces, mostly from the baroque era.

You will learn both chords and melodies, covering a wide range of traditional and contemporary folk music, and other styles.

Lessons can be paid on a weekly basis or in blocks of 5 or 10.

Lesson rates:

£18 for 30 minutes

£24 for 40 minutes

£34 for 60 minutes

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