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Here are some recent testimonials from class participants:


'I am so glad to have found Poynton Music School as a mature student. It's never too late to learn. I have been enjoying a range of group guitar classes for a year now and I'm now tempted by the ukulele. It's great to have clear guidance from Rik to enable us to have fun playing a range of songs together'.  

Hev Taylor, Guitar


'Having never played the guitar before, I was on the look out for a guitar teacher in my local area. Initially, Rik provided one to one tuition and then suggested I drop by his Music School in Poynton and try one of his group classes. Although apprehensive at first of playing and learning within a group, I have progressed beyond my initial expectations as a result of Rik's relaxed teaching style, whilst picking up tips and tricks from like minded students.  If you're new to the guitar or a more advanced player, I would highly recommend Poynton Music school'.

David Edwards, Guitar


'I've done a few of Rik's courses and they never disappoint! I'm on the improvers ukulele course at the moment and really enjoying it. The classes give just the right amount of challenge to keep me working hard to better my skills and techniques. Also, it's great fun to play with a group of like-minded people'.        

Brenda Griffin De Tapa, Ukulele


'The guitar classes are informal and fun. Each of us are encouraged to progress and develop according to our level of readiness. Rik takes the time to get to know each of us and our musical preferences; he even taught us a quite obscure Spanish song because he noticed I like it!' 

Rosa Alonso, Guitar


'With ukulele in hand I was amazed to walk out of my first lesson with a tune I could actually play, and having had some great fun too. Well into my 50's I was wondering if I had any chance of squeezing a tune out of my ukulele but Rik was just the man to show me how. And now half way through the improvers ukulele course, I have a good dozen or more tunes under my hat and I've never played an instrument before, result! Life has thrown me a nasty personal curve ball which has knocked me off my feet but my ukulele and Rik's teaching are the perfect antidote and a much appreciated diversion.'

Dean Wilson, Ukulele

'Having played guitar on a self taught basis for a number of years, I recently took the plunge and joined the intermediate guitar class at Poynton Music School. I'm glad I did. The group lessons are fun, but more importantly they have helped me to address some of the gaps and shortcomings in my playing. Four weeks in, and with a long way still to go, I can definitely discern some real improvement. More importantly so can my long suffering wife! I would strongly recommend'.

Stephen Brassington, Guitar

'Having tried and failed for years to play the guitar, I now feel I have a chance to get to a reasonable standard.  Rik is an exceptional teacher, who sets out to make lessons enjoyable. The end result will be largely down to me, but I'm very pleased to have the opportunity'.

Graham Waltho, Guitar


'I have been attempting to play the ukulele on and off for about 2 years and got to the stage where I wanted to do more than just strum chords. I decided I needed some tuition, and found out about Rik's classes on the internet. The Improvers Ukulele Class sounded as if it was just what I needed so I joined up. Best thing I’ve done. It’s got me well and truly out of a rut. The course started this January and so far has definitely lived up to my expectations. Rik provides all the material needed and it’s all been well thought out. I’m picking up tips on presentation, strumming and even learning some basic finger picking. All in a relaxed atmosphere in the company of 8 or 9 like minded people. Highly recommended'.

Ray Gibbons, Ukulele
'Rik’s classes have helped me progress from beginner to a far more advanced level in a really fun, informative and cost-effective way. The concise lesson structure of a core learning objective, combined with a new song, has meant I can now play a host of songs with different techniques. There’re also loads of extra hints and tips packed into lessons, so all in all, they represent real value for money for me. The small group dynamic also works for me. I’d highly recommend Poynton Music School'.

Nick Taylor, Guitar
'Having struggled with learning to play the guitar over a number of years, Poynton Music School provided for me a break through in its approach that I have been able to build on over time. The fact that we learn a new song each week together with the discipline that a regular session brings means that gains are continuously made. The group format promotes a convivial and relaxed approach so making mistakes is no problem as you learn at your own pace. You end surprising yourself at how far you have come over a relatively short period and polite requests to play somewhere else from family members have definitely declined!'

Kevin Hope, Guitar
'Rik has combined ingenious teaching ideas with a wide range of guitar music to make very interesting and effective lessons'

David Maddy, Guitar
'Having only strummed guitar for longer than I care to admit, I am so glad to have found Poynton Music School. Rik teaches a whole range of techniques and styles by means of a different song each week in a relaxed, cheerful and professional manner. It's always fun if challenging, but his musicianship is superb and it is impossible not to be inspired! Highly recommended.'

Derek Altoft, Guitar