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Ukulele Classes

All courses are 10 weeks long.

New learning material is presented each week and reviewed at the beginning of the next session.

We review sessions in week 5 and 10.

A video demo clip of learning points is made available to all participants after each session.

All learning materials are provided.

If you miss a session, that weeks' learning material and video clip will help you catch up with new learning points.

All Courses: £90


Starting from Tuesday 7th and Friday 10th January 2020.


Absolute Beginners Ukulele. Fridays 1pm-2pm.

A 10 week course of daytime classes providing a thorough introduction to the Ukulele. You will learn all of the basic chords, various right hand techniques, general musicianship skills, how to troubleshoot your own playing when you practise and how to play songs from chord charts/music.

This class is for you if you have never played before, or have tried one or two chords.



Improvers Ukulele. Tuesdays 6-7pm. 

A 10 week course for anyone who can play the uke but would like to improve through playing with others and apply new tips and tricks to an exciting range of songs. In addition to having a great time, you will learn a range of new techniques, chords, riffs/melodies and general musicianship skills. 

This class is for you if you can strum the basic Ukulele chords without (much) hesitation.

This course repeats each term with different songs and materials.

Most people can join this class from scratch after just five or six 1 to 1 lessons (30 mins). Click here to arrange your first lesson



Higher Level Ukulele. Tuesdays 7.15 - 8.15pm. 

A 10 week course for anyone who can play all basic uke chords, some bar chords and apply more than one right-hand technique. We will work towards more advanced playing and musicianship, with more elaborate chord sequences, some basic scales, melodies and right-hand strumming/stroking, picking and percussive work. As always, we will play an exciting range of songs and have a lot of fun playing together. There will be a focus on ensemble playing to inspire you to form your own mini-ukulele groups outside of class if you so wish!

This class is for you if you can play all of the basic chords and Bb, B minor, F# bar chords without hesitation and can strum using thumb, fingers with a variety of different rhythms.

This course repeats each term with different songs and materials.




Room 1, Education Block, The Centre in Poynton. 107 Park Lane, Poynton, Cheshire. SK12 1RB.


To reserve your place in a class, please click here

Full fee payable in cash or by cheque at the beginning of the first lesson. Cheques should be made payable to 'Poynton Music School'.

Refunds: Refunds can be made within 7 days of payment, minus the first lesson fee. They cannot be made after lesson two.




Terms: Although unlikely, we may change the class teacher at any time for operational reasons. All correspondence regarding the course is by email. In the unlikely event of a lesson or group of lessons being cancelled, we will inform you by email and put a notice on the outside door of the venue. You will be refunded for the cancelled lesson(s), or offered alternative lesson times/dates to make up the 10 sessions in a course. Fees are per course, and we are unfortunately unable to offer a reduction if you cannot attend any number of lessons during the course. However, we will try to send you any material covered in your absence and help you to catch up with the rest of the group.